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Cryztal Feith Lawless, M.Ed., CNHP

Walk-in, Lightbody Integration Practitioner

Certified Soul Detective, Light Language Channel

Cryztal is an energy healing practitioner who became interested in energy healing after the birth of her son and a spiritual awakening that occurred one day prior to his birth that she learned years later was a Walk-in. Prior to this time, she was unaware of Oneness, energy medicine, energy healing, chakras, energy fields, applied kinesiology, etc. In 2005, her son was born with severe digestive issues and numerous health issues. After spending almost two years with Western/Allopathic medicine, and him getting worse with each visit, she began looking outside the box. After many trials and errors, one practitioner then another, one modality after another, she arrived to the destination which she continues today, energy - getting to the root of the issue(s). 


Cryztal now has a firm belief that most of the ailments, issues and diagnoses that we have today can be due to us not living our Soul Purpose and of not realizing the magnificence and who we truly are as beings. She believes that we are energetic beings and when our energy is disrupted for long periods of time, we can become sick. When we listen and follow our innate wisdom rather than try to mask and fix our problems, we have the ability to truly feel well and be in alignment with our truth.  


Throughout this journey Cryztal experienced significant physical and emotional challenges which lead her to seek what most never even know exist. She believes many answers are ones most cannot see or feel. She believes we are vast multidimensional beings and when we align with and seek that truth, amazing things can happen.


Prior to Cryztal's work as an energy practitioner, her employment history includes the US Department of Education, working for federal government contractors and the State of North Carolina. She holds a Masters of Education from Norfolk State University. Cryztal lives in the state of Georgia/USA with her husband and son. Cryztal is the Owner and Director of Awakening to Oneness/Oneness Healing Arts and is an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

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