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Other Services

The Language of Light

Light Language is a form of channeling that comes through the voice of the channel. It can also be drawn and written. It activates frequencies, keys and codes of light within the DNA. Light Language bypasses the mental mind, the ego and is often felt in the emotional body first. Many say that it feels like home, like something they have known but long forgotten. Light Language frequently comes through during sessions to assist in whatever process is taking place.

Neuromodulation Technique / NMT

Neuromodulation Technique - NMT
NMT was developed by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg. It is a form of energy medicine that utilizes applied kinesiology to dialogue with the mind-body to identify and correct the errors of information that exist in the body’s Autonomic Control System, the body’s internal control center. Universal Care A, B and C. 

Reiki/Kundalini Reiki

Reiki/Kundalini Reiki
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. Reiki Levels I, II, III and Master and Kundalini Reiki. 

Accunect Connect, Zoom & Ancient Wisdom

These energy tools unlock our natural ability to align with truth within our body, mind and spirit. It is a system that taps into the healing and transformational energy of the Zero Point Field or universal consciousness and bridges the gap between universal consciousness and our current state of being. Ancient Wisdom system follows Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Chinese anatomy and physiology of the 12 organs and meridian systems and their interrelationships. This training was provided by Dr. Don Ka'imi Pilipovich, DAC, LMT.

Clearing the Human Blueprint

Developed by Ayaahanie, Clearing the Human Blueprint addresses Stabilizing The Celestial Circuit at the Blueprint Level, Deep Survival Switching, Core Beliefs and Moving Beyond Duality.

The Emotion Code
Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code is a method of identifying and releasing trapped emotions in the body. Dr. Nelson also wrote an amazing book by the same title where he teaches the reader this very amazing method.

The Body Code
The Body Code system is an amazing modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to identify, remove and balance underlying imbalances in the body and field. 


Oneness Blessing
Oneness Deeksha (aka) Deeksha is an energy transfer that brings about growth in consciousness.  The level of consciousness of a person determines his/her quality of life experience. As consciousness rises, there is greater awareness, joy, love, togetherness, and focus in everything that you do and experience. 

Integrative Energy Therapy - IET
IET is the art of healing with the loving and pure energy of spirit. It works at the next level beyond Reiki to detect and release energy blocks formed by suppressed emotions. Energy blocks create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disorders. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Levels.


AumaKhua-Ki® , channeled by Ojela Frank, accelerates a higher state of awareness and increases a person's capacity to channel more healing energy.

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