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Shine Your Light

At Awakening to Oneness, we see an Infiniverse full of potentials and possibilities. We offer a wide variety of cutting edge energy services to explore the root of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, dimensional, relational, intuitive and generational issues and strive to bring these fields into coherence. There is a whole world (and beyond) that is full of information to move our life forward in alignment with our Soul's plan. It is our belief that we have access to that information; we have just forgotten. It's time to remember our gifts, abilities, power, love; why we are here.  We look forward to working with you to access this ancient knowledge that is innate; transmute and transform what is holding you back and stepping into your mission.

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At Awakening to Oneness, we strive to bring peace and joy to the whole being. We address the whole being and the innate wisdom of all that is to guide the session to the truth of what is ready to shift and be even greater about our clients. Our goal is to help our clients realize they are amazingly powerful and have the ability to move beyond limitations, rise in frequency and align with their true self.

We assist individuals to remove blockages from connecting to their heart, Spirit and purpose. Accessing and addressing fields you may not even know exist, activating positive morphic fields and Divine qualities. We are vast multidimensional beings. Our goal is to assist our clients in remember this and to step into their power and return to sovereignty. 



Your Greatest Self.

Our purpose is to assist Lightworkers, healers, women, young adults to shed what is holding them back from loving themselves unconditionally, becoming sovereign, being the Wayshower you were meant to be and to Awaken to the Oneness of your magnificence.

We love...

Assisting Empaths, Starseeds, Earth Angels, Walk-ins and Embodied Light Beings to increase their capacity to love, learn, heal, integrate the higher frequencies, ground their Soul into the physicality; enabling them to hold more light and energy and maximize their effectiveness as they step into their power and live their Soul's mission.

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