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Located in Northern Virginia

Sessions by Zoom



Tel: 843.655.2667



Sessions via held via Zoom. Please download the Zoom software or app prior to the first session and ensure it is working properly. The session Zoom link will be sent minutes prior to the first session. Click the link to access the session. 

Depending on the type of session, you may be sitting at first as we chat; then lay down for the session with your device at your side so the practitioner can see your beautiful face.




Sessions are one - two hours in length. All Lightbody sessions are scheduled for two hours. Other sessions may be scheduled for an hour. Rate is $115 per hour, prorated accordingly. Payment is made via PayPal by sending payment to:


New Client Form:


Prior to the first session, please complete the below New Client Form/PDF and

email to:

We look forward to meeting you.

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